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10% of the training must be at the Armed Forces of Ukraine

06/08 -07/08 2022

Agile Journey:
Leading Organizations in Complex World

2 day training


24 мотивированных

человека в группе

2 дня

интереснейших кейсов и практики

Один из лучших Agile тренеров

70 % практики

минимум теории

2 day training

You will receive everything you need to properly understand and apply the theoretical foundation of Agile. We will discuss a large number of practical stories and various examples, both from the experience of a trainer and from world practice.

Artem attends a large number of different events  as speaker/judge and listener. He also conducts corporate trainings and advises companies during the period of transformation.  By bringing all this experience together, he created this "An exciting journey into the world  Agile & Scrum.
The training consists of 2 days.

Day 1

The first part of the training will be devoted to a detailed study of Agile values and principles, as well as the most popular flexible frameworks and their components:

  • We will discuss the effectiveness and productivity of teams and the factors that influence it.

  • Let's talk about how and why Agile was born, why it is so popular and remains a trend for so long.

  • Let's delve into the issue of iterative planning and principles of organization.

  • We will definitely talk about Lean, classes of garbage and how to optimize the flow of value creation, as well as in a simple simulation, Artem will show how dangerous multitasking and regular switching of contexts are.


How will we end the first day? After all, this is a training about Agile & Scrum, do you remember? Let's finish the first day with an introduction to the Scrum framework and a mini-retrospective.

Day 2

The second day, like any respectable Agile team, we will start with a Daily Scrum meeting, and only then:

  • We will analyze very deeply each role and mandatory meeting in Scrum, we will discuss what options there may be for holding these meetings depending on various factors and how to squeeze the maximum benefit in the minimum time from these meetings.

  • We will definitely talk about how to explain to teams and managers the value of basic rituals and the importance of maintaining each role.

  • Through games, we will experience the importance of the interaction of business and engineering, the importance of reflection, the allocation of time for experiments and the right to make mistakes for the development of productivity and maturity of the team.

Who will benefit from the training

Business owners & executives

Learn how to apply Agile in  your company

Managers & leaders

How to work with different tools in Agile and Scrum. How to teach them to your teams.

Proactive team members

If you want to  start transformations in your team. 

Everyone who looks for insight

Who wants to learn something new and interesting

How it was last time




equivalent to the NBU exchange rate

I had an opportunity to attend and participate in “Exciting journey to Agile and Scrum 2.0” workshop conducted by Artem. During this workshop he helped our team to easily understand complex subject. It was interesting to observe how professionally he facilitate our group discussion. He showed and commented inconsistencies in processes we had in our company before this workshop, he changed the way we look on the projects and processes, and even more, Artem changed the way be behave and communicate with each other and bring our cooperation to a new qualitative level. After the workshop I can claim Artem is very customer oriented, active listener, very passionate about what he does and he will stay with and support you until both will feel confident enough that you reach understanding of how to act further. Artem is a great agile coach and process consultant who very assertively brings the light to any project, avoiding conflicts and easily defining and eliminating “toxic” behavior in the team. If you feel like you want your team and business to be more efficient, I would strongly recommend to ask Artem for his experience and expertise!

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